Frequently Asked Questions


How does counseling and therapy work?   I will help you to identify the problem or problems that you struggle with most in your relationship.  Together we will develop goals for improving your marriage.  We will create solutions that will help you improve your relationship.    I encourage you to take some risks and be open to determining how you can help improve your relationship.   I  function from a framework of chrisian values. Sometimes couples or individuals are struggling with either immediate or past losses of loved ones or loss of jobs that are affecting their relationships and need additional help to resolve these issues.  I help you to grief your losses and identify ways that will best help you to work through your losses.

How often do we need to come?   Sessions are typically scheduled weekly or every other week depending on the situation.  This way counseling stays on target.

What if my partner will not come to counseling with me? Your boyfriend or husband will come to therapy when he is ready.  Meanwhile, I can work with you.  Each person in the relationship has issues.  We can work with you so that you will feel better about the relationship.

Will you see me if I am not in a relationship? Of course.  I work with individuals.  Again we will work with the problem that you are struggling with.

How long before we will see results?  This is a hard question to answer.  Some clients will see improvement after a few sessions.  It depends how open the person is to change and the issues present.  Sometimes it may take weeks and months to show improvement for more difficult issues.

Do you take insurance? I am on Cigna and ComPsych Panels. If your insurance allow you to see out of network providers (PPO), I will give you a super bill that you can use to bill your insurance. You need to call the number on the back of your card and ask about the coverage for mental health benefits.   Sometimes you will have a deductible and or a co-pay.  Sometimes the number of sessions are limited. Your insurance company  will  require a diagnosis, I will review that with you prior to billing the insurance company.